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Winpop Plus

Winpop Plus was discontinued several years ago, it was succeeded by e/pop 2.0 and eventually, the e/pop secure instant messaging (IM) product line.

Today, the e/pop product line also includes real-time collaboration. For the latest e/pop products, please see below.

New Version 5

e/pop Alert Messaging

e/pop Alert is a specialized messaging application designed to deliver urgent, pop-up notifications to 100s or 1000s of PC desktops as fast as your network will allow. This includes delivery to multiple offices via LAN, WAN, VPN or Internet connections.

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e/pop Secure Instant Messaging

e/pop Basic is an award-winning solution for employees-only, secure IM, especially where security, speed, and ease of installation and maintenance are required.

e/pop is unique in its ability to provide IT managers with a "hard lock-down" client, directory integration, multi-server capabilities, and the ability to install a complete system without third-party dependencies.

e/pop secure IM has won several editorial awards including Network Computing Editor's choice for Enterprise Instant Messaging, and it is used in thousands of inter-office and call center applications worldwide.

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