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How to install an e/pop license

Technote: Q00004
Last Reviewed:
May 27, 2002

The information in this article applies to:
e/pop Professional Client 3.0
e/pop Basic Client 3.0
e/pop Remote Client 3.0
e/pop Alert Client 3.0
e/pop Enterprise Server 3.0
e/pop Standard Server 3.0

This technote covers the basics of installing e/pop licenses.

License file
The e/pop license file is provided through email as an attachment or as a file on a floppy disk. The license file is provided once you purchase e/pop.

Installing e/pop licenses
e/pop servers can manage e/pop licenses centrally. To install e/pop licenses on an e/pop server:

1. Copy the license file or files to the e/pop server's program directory. This is usually under C:\Program Files\WiredRed\EPopS.

2. Restart the e/pop server program. If e/pop server is operating as a service process, stop the service and then restart the service.

How do I verify that the e/pop license is installed properly?

You can verify the license was installed properly by either:

1. The e/pop server viewer will display the license information as the e/pop server starts, if the license was installed properly.

2. The e/pop server console program will also display license details of an e/pop server.

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