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e/pop Secure Messaging
Administrator & User Guides

The following e/pop documentation is available via the PDF downloads listed below.

Please contact us for assistance with installation planning, deployment or secure operation of e/pop software. Assistance with these and other advance topics, such as directory integration, group messaging and more, are available under our Software Maintenance Program.

e/pop Secure IM Guides
e/pop 3.1 User Guide PDF (1.1Mb)
e/pop 3.1 Administrative Guide PDF (1.2Mb)
e/pop 3.1 Audit & Reporting Reference Manual PDF (2.3Mb)


Secure Messaging Tech Notes

e/pop Hardware & Software Requirements
Technote Q00013

Quickstart Guide for installing e/pop Servers
Technote Q00001

How to install an e/pop license
Technote Q00004

Connecting e/pop clients to e/pop servers
Technote Q00002

Configuring feature restrictions and customizing the e/pop client before distributing
Technote Q00007

Local vs. shared e/pop client installations
Technote Q00008

How do I update my e/pop client to the latest version?
Technote Q00017

How do I update my e/pop server to the latest version?
Technote Q00018

Deploying e/pop clients as a shared application
Technote Q00010

Deploying e/pop clients, using local installation and software "push"
Technote Q00011

e/pop SMTP Support Info
Technote Q00014

e/pop GroupWise Support
Technote Q00016

Setting up e/pop in your Citrix MetaFrame environment
Technote Q00015

Special command line switches for e/pop
Technote Q00003

Why do users appear to overlap each other in the e/pop directory?
Technote Q00006

Special support & key considerations for P2P installs
Technote Q00012

Set up e/pop for Windows Roaming Profile and multiple users who share the same computer
Technote Q00019

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