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WiredRed Announces Next Generation VoIP Technology for
Multi-party IP Conferencing

New VoIP technology brings Skype-style IP communications to ISVs and OEMs that seek
to integrate highly scalable multipoint conferencing into PC Desktop applications

 San Diego, California -- September 15, 2005  – WiredRed®, a technology leader in real-time communications software, today announced the availability of its next generation software engine for PC desktop multipoint VoIP. The next generation VoIP application programming interface (API) delivers the audio clarity and fluid experience of point-to-point communications available in consumer services, such as Skype, to commercial vendors that seek to include the same capabilities in commercial-grade products and services. WiredRed’s new API provides highly scalable multipoint capabilities, security, and the ability to dynamically connect corporate and government users that are typically behind their own firewalls. It also includes options for data collaboration and multipoint video that are generally not available in consumer services.

The new audio components include microphone set-up wizards, a suite of VoIP codecs, adaptive noise cancellation (ANC), acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), voice activity detection (VAD), optimizations that properly handle discontinuous transmission (DTX), sample rate conversion (handling multiple participants at differing sample rates), jitter filter management, and mixing and bridging for multipoint VoIP conferencing. The coder/decoder (codec) suite includes G.726, G.711 and a library of additional industry standard and proprietary codecs. Additional components include record and playback capabilities. The implementation of the audio components can be standalone, or in combination with WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Platform, often used to connect multiple ad-hoc users behind their own separate firewalls into a conferencing application.

“The Skype acquisition by eBay, Inc., has made the fast growing adoption of desktop VoIP impossible to ignore,” said Steven Peltier, WiredRed CEO. “As adoption of consumer and point-to-point VoIP grows, so will the need for multipoint conferencing. That’s where we come in. WiredRed is among the few vendors that can deliver multipoint VoIP and video capabilities to OEM manufacturers and online service providers.”

PC audio and VoIP technologies have been available since the late ‘90s, but the technology’s adoption has grown dramatically over the last two years. In particular, Skype, one of the most popular consumer VoIP services, has grown from less than 5 million registered users in Q1 2004, to more than 54 million members in 225 countries and territories worldwide.

WiredRed is a communications technology developer, focused exclusively in the area of multipoint, real-time communications software. The Company’s technology has been applied to several commercial applications, most recently VoIP and video conferencing. The technology is unique in three respects. It has the ability to route, or successfully connect several users behind separate corporate and government firewalls. It provides a complete two-way experience (full-duplex) between multiple parties, whereby all parties can talk and be seen at the same time. Lastly, it offers a superior audio and video experience. The latter refers to the software’s ability to synchronize multiple parties in real-time and its ability to handle large variations in bandwidth between dispersed users.

Prior generations of WiredRed’s multipoint VoIP and video API have been incorporated into soft-phones from one of the world’s largest PBX manufacturers, online games for consumer team play, and online conferencing and video service providers.

Price and Availability:

The new multipoint API is available now under developer and OEM license agreements. For pricing and additional information, please contact WiredRed directly, at +1-858-715-0870, or

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