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WiredRed® Software Adds Two-Click VoIP and Video
Session Initiation to e/pop Web Conferencing 4.1

Version 4.1 makes launching multi-party web conferences easier
with two-click audio and video capabilities

 San Diego, California -- March 8, 2005  – WiredRed®, a technology leader in enterprise real-time communications software, today announced that it is now shipping e/pop® Web Conferencing 4.1.  Version 4.1 adds enhancements that include the ability for conference hosts to easily start multi-party VoIP and video conferencing sessions with two mouse clicks.  The new version goes far beyond one-to-one or one-to-many video conferencing systems to allow up to 10 or more attendees to actively participate, with full video capabilities, in the conference.

The new two-click, multi-party audio and video enhancements make it even easier to bring more people, ideas, desktops and applications to web meetings. The feature-rich e/pop Web Conferencing 4.1 includes audio and synchronous video conferencing, remote control, plus complete desktop, application/document sharing and dynamic PowerPoint presentation sharing.  Integration with Outlook allows for the distribution of conference and calendar invites from within the e/pop application. Once the invitation is accepted, the conference, including date, time, and conference URL is automatically added to the attendee’s event calendar.  Browser-based e/pop Web Conferencing 4.1 is a fixed-price, out-of-the box solution that can be installed in approximately five minutes by a network or IT administrator.

“e/pop Web Conferencing 4.1 is designed to make hosting a web conference with multi-party video and audio much easier and faster,” explained Steven Peltier, WiredRed Software’s CEO.  “It truly just takes one click to un-mute all the attendees and a second click to start video and bring everyone together for a session.  Not only is it simple to use, but from a business perspective, it can virtually eliminate standard teleconference charges for meetings that include both internal and external participants.”

e/pop is one of the most secure web conferencing software products available and includes Secure Socket Layer (SSL3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) as standard security features. It also includes new integration points for on-premise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).  This significantly decreases the chance that highly sensitive, confidential information is leaked or accessed by the wrong individuals.

Some web conferencing software and hardware-based products may use different protocols and separate ports for slide presentations, desktop sharing, audio (VoIP) and video, creating security, performance and peer-to-peer connection problems. WiredRed has solved these issues with its Real-Time Routing Platform™ by delivering the entire conference session, all features included, over a single port (80) and TCP/IP connection. This yields significant performance benefits and allows IT managers to secure the entire rich media experience of all web conferencing features combined without a reduction in performance.

System Requirements:  The minimum server requirement for e/pop Web Conferencing 4.1 is Windows 2000 or later with a 1.2Ghz clock speed and 256 MB RAM. The conference server must be on a static IP address, and have port 80 available.  e/pop Web Conferencing supports all industry standard web cameras such as the popular desktop Logitech QuickCam® Pro 4000 and the Sony EVI D70 Digital Camera, which is designed for conference room usage.

Price and Availability:

e/pop Web Conferencing 4.1 is available now. It is priced starting at $3,000 for five concurrent users. Volume discounts and site licensing are available. Contact WiredRed Software for details at or at 1-858-715-0970.

About WiredRed

WiredRed Software is a technology leader in enterprise real-time communications. The company's e/pop product line is designed to provide busy, security-conscious IT staff with a fast and easy solution to secure instant messaging, company-wide alert and web conferencing challenges.

More than 3,500 commercial and government customers are using WiredRed's e/pop real-time communication software. Customer installations include ADP, Florida Rock, Mercury Insurance, Baker & McKenzie, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottrade and Wells Fargo. e/pop has also been deployed throughout hundreds of schools, as well as local, state and federal government agencies including Northwestern University, U.S. Army, Bureau of Land Management, National Institute of Health, Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The company licenses its software to corporate and government IT organizations and a growing network of business partners.

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