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 Public and Private Schools Adopt WiredRed’s e/pop for Secure, Instant Messaging

Schools find that EIM can provide traditional public address system
functionality, admin-to-teacher communications and help desk support

San Diego, CA. – December 9, 2002 – WiredRed™, the leader of secure instant messaging and enterprise real-time communications software, today announced that e/pop® 3.0 has been chosen by multiple school districts and five private schools throughout the U.S. to provide secure instant communications. Six schools in the Gasdsen School District, San Luis, Arizona, and five in the Kirksville School District, Kirksville, Missouri, are deploying e/pop to enable teachers, administrators and school personnel to communicate in real-time. The Benjamin School, Canterbury School, Harrison County School District, Mohawk High School, the Presbyterian School of Houston, Rosa Parks International Middle School, Saint Michael’s Catholic School and Trinity Preparatory School, also chose e/pop for more efficient communications.

Ken Fry, director of technology for Canterbury School, a private K-12 school in Fort Myers, Florida, was impressed with e/pop’s reliability, flexibility and ability to traverse the schools’ two network firewalls.

“While we originally chose e/pop for its ability as a public address system, we found that it is an excellent help desk tool that enables me to provide support to teachers and administrators from my PC,” said Fry. “It eliminates the need for me to run from building to building to problem troubleshoot.”

According to Allen Drennan, president and CEO of WiredRed, e/pop includes a range of features well-suited for the educational system. “Many of our school customers were seeking a desktop alternative to a traditional public address system and found that e/pop can be used to disseminate critical information as well as daily memorandum related to school events and procedures,” he said. “Because school campuses are generally spread out, e/pop is ideal for keeping the entire school staff connected.”

e/pop can also be configured as a secure, high-priority one-way instantaneous communications system. It provides the ability to send customized emergency messages, including embedded WAV files, such as siren alarms, that play instantly when the alert pops up on the client PC.

Trinity Preparatory School, an independent school in Winter Park, Florida, found that because of these specific features e/pop was ideal for the school's emergency broadcast system.

"After testing e/pop, we found that from a technical perspective it was ideal for our objectives," explained Denise Musselwhite, director of technology at Trinity Prep. "Because our school campus includes eight instructional buildings on more than 100 acres, we can use e/pop to send emergency memos to all staff and include siren alarms which can't be ignored. It really can take the place of a traditional P.A. system and depending on the situation, we can opt not to use sound minimizing class intrusion." 

e/pop 3.0 is a secure instant messaging and comprehensive real-time communications system for the enterprise. It offers a rich feature set designed to improve the efficiency of business communications. e/pop extends beyond traditional instant messaging to include presence management, text-based chat conferencing, application sharing, remote control and voice over IP conferencing. e/pop supports corporate standards for secure operations and central management, including directory integration, authentication and end-to-end encryption (with options such as RC4, DES, triple DES, AES, & RSA).

About WiredRed

WiredRed Software is the leader of secure instant messaging and enterprise real-time communications software. WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture, a secure, two-way communication platform, provides the foundation for the company’s flagship product, e/pop, and its e/pop Real-Time SDK. The company licenses its software to corporate IT organizations and an expanding network of business partners. 

WiredRed holds a significant share of the enterprise instant messaging software market, with more than 3,000 corporate installations including Baker & McKenzie, Blue Cross,
Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and hundreds of universities and local, state and federal government agencies. For more information visit the WiredRed web site at or contact the company directly at or 858-715-0970.


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