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WiredRed Inks Partnership Agreement with Roam Secure

Partnership will add additional desktop features for secure, emergency alert notification to the Roam Secure Alert Network

San Diego, California – August 12, 2003 – WiredRed™, a worldwide technology leader in enterprise real-time communications software, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Roam Secure, a company that builds, deploys and manages emergency communication systems for customers in the federal, state and local government. According to the agreement, Roam Secure will integrate WiredRed’s e/pop® Alert with its Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN), a full-suite two-way mobile emergency alert system that currently supports a variety of handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, Blackberries and PDAs, as well as email.

e/pop Alert, a secure high-priority one-way instantaneous communications system based on WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture, brings Roam Secure the ability to notify thousands of recipients, via their desktop workstations, about impending emergencies without concern that the messages will be blocked at LAN segment boundaries, firewalls and proxies. Unlike alternative solutions, e/pop Alert is proxy-friendly and supports multi-server installations. As such, it can private-route throughout large complex network environments and successfully traverse firewalls in multiple office locations, as well as NATs and proxies.

The integration of WiredRed’s e/pop Alert with Roam Secure’s RSAN will create a superior “one click”, emergency communications solution capable of message delivery across the enterprise to both desktop systems and mobile devices simultaneously.

Furthermore, e/pop Alert will enable RSAN messages to appear in a separate window with priority message placement over other windows on the desktop. This feature will help to ensure that each recipient is made aware of an alert immediately.

“We are very excited to join Roam Secure in order to expand its First Responder capabilities,” said Allen Drennan, President and CEO of WiredRed. “This will be an long-term partnership that allows us to team up to bring secure emergency alert capabilities to a variety of industries such as cross-jurisdictional government agencies, industrial safety organizations, nuclear power facilities and military bases. Any company or organization that takes security seriously can benefit from the integration of desktop and mobile emergency communications.”

According to David Drescher, Roam Secure’s Chief Operating Officer, the partnership with WiredRed is highly synergistic and will enhance the full-suite, desktop-to-mobile platform support now provided by RSAN.

“We chose WiredRed’s e/pop Alert because it’s a proven technology already used at many federal agencies for emergency communication purposes,” he explained. “The partnership will enhance our current product offerings and enable us to service a broader market of companies and organizations that are committed to providing a safer environment for their employees, contractors and customers.”

About Roam Secure
Founded in July 2000, Roam Secure developed the first multi-device, large-scale, two-way emergency communication system. Today, Roam Secure deploys and manages emergency communication systems for leading federal agencies, emergency management agencies, state and local governments and high-profile businesses. Roam Secure is a profitable, privately-held, investor-backed company located in Northern Virginia that operates on the front-line of Homeland Security.

About WiredRed
WiredRed Software is a worldwide technology leader in enterprise real-time communications. The company's e/pop is a superior software solution for commercial and government networks that offers unparalleled security, speed, ease-of-use and IT management controls. It is designed to provide busy, security-conscious IT staff with a faster and easier solution to secure instant messaging, company-wide presence management and broadcast alert notification challenges.

WiredRed Software holds a significant share of the enterprise instant messaging software market, with more than 3,000 e/pop customer installations including Charter Communications, Wells Fargo, First Data Corporation, Scottrade, Royal Bank of Scotland, Merrill Lynch, Dominion Nuclear, Baker & McKenzie and Cooley Godward LLP. e/pop has also been deployed throughout hundreds of schools, as well as local, state and federal government agencies including Northwestern University, U.S. Army, Bureau of Land Management, National Institute of Health, Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The company licenses its software, development kits, and underlying real-time routing components to corporate and government IT organizations and a growing network of business partners.

For more information visit the WiredRed web site at or contact the company directly at or 858-715-0970.




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