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WiredRed Software Adds Remote Control to e/pop Web Conferencing

Firewall-friendly remote control ideal for training, remote assistance and
IT help desk applications

San Diego, California -- May 17, 2004 – WiredRed®, a technology leader in enterprise real-time communications software, today announced that remote control is now available as part of the company’s e/pop® Web Conferencing software offering. Remote control joins a multitude of features already available in browser-based e/pop Web Conferencing, which includes multi-party audio and synchronous video conferencing, plus complete desktop, application/document sharing and dynamic PowerPoint™ presentation sharing.

Designed for use in IT departments, helpdesk support organizations and training applications, e/pop Web Conferencing remote control works with a standard web browser. It routes outside the firewall via the conferencing server and enables a designated user to control any PC remotely.

Unlike many remote control solutions, e/pop Web Conferencing remote control routes traffic via the server, and thereby is able to connect two or more end points, even if all are on private addresses. This approach avoids the firewall and proxy issues that are common in most enterprises and which prevent point-to-point remote control from operating as advertised.

According to Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Allen Drennan, WiredRed is one of the first companies to offer an on-premise web conferencing solution that includes remote control at no extra charge.

“WiredRed was founded to provide a technology framework that would power a variety of real-time communications applications,” said Drennan. “With the addition of e/pop Web Conferencing to our product line, it made perfect sense to add remote control. By its very nature, remote control requires real-time interaction. The session host or participant simply needs to right-click on any user to launch remote control immediately.”

About e/pop Web Conferencing
Browser-based e/pop Web Conferencing is a true, out-of-the box solution that can be installed in approximately five minutes by a network or IT administrator. It is a complete, turnkey solution that has no installation dependencies on third-party databases, web servers or other server pre-requisites. Because the e/pop Web Conferencing interface has the same look and feel as common business applications such as web browsers and office applications, it is easy to use and requires minimal end user training.

Price and Availability
Pricing for e/pop Web Conferencing, including remote control, starts at $2,995 per year for up to five concurrent users; and $9,600 year for up to 25 concurrent users. Volume discounts and site licenses are available. e/pop Web Conferencing software, with remote control, is now available for a free trial at

About WiredRed
WiredRed Software is a technology leader in enterprise real-time communications. The company's e/pop product line is designed to provide busy, security-conscious IT staff with a fast and easy solution to secure instant messaging, company-wide alert and web conferencing challenges.

More than 3,000 commercial and government customers are using WiredRed's e/pop real-time communication software. Customer installations include ADP, Baker & McKenzie, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottrade, Southwest Airlines and Wells Fargo. e/pop has also been deployed throughout hundreds of schools, as well as local, state and federal government agencies including Northwestern University, U.S. Army, Bureau of Land Management, National Institute of Health, Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The company licenses its software to corporate and government IT organizations and a growing network of business partners.

For more information visit the WiredRed web site at or contact the company directly at or +1-858-715-0970.



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