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WiredRed® Software Licenses Secure Instant Messaging and Presence Technology to NewHeights Software Corporation

Components of WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture Bring Additional Collaborative
Functionality to NewHeights’ IP Telephony Communication Software

San Diego, California – March 22, 2004 – WiredRed®, a technology leader in enterprise real-time communications software, today announced that NewHeights has licensed the Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence components of its Real-Time Routing Architecture™. NewHeights, an OEM provider of personal communication management software products for IP-PBX phone systems, will integrate WiredRed’s secure IM and presence engine into the company’s Desktop Assistant™ software. Desktop Assistant combines call control with collaborative applications such as IM, contact management and personalized communication settings.

In addition to adding the ability to log and archive all IM content, WiredRed brings NewHeights new secure IM and enhanced presence functionality, including the capability of sending messages company-wide, or to groups and individuals. WiredRed’s Real Time Routing Architecture supports corporate standards for secure operations and all connections are authenticated with end-to-end encryption. It offers a variety of security options such as RC4, DES, triple DES, AES and RSA.

The partnership is a significant milestone for WiredRed and proof that secure IM and presence are business-critical components of communications applications, according to WiredRed’s CEO and founder Allen Drennan.

“Since our inception we have firmly believed that presence is indeed the ‘killer app’ that can enhance the value and usability of a variety of applications,” he said. “We are very excited to work with NewHeights and believe there is great synergy between us. Their firm grip on telephony along with our organization-wide presence and multi-point real-time technology give our combined team a unique advantage in high-growth markets such as IP telephony, multi-party video and web conferencing.

From NewHeights’ perspective, personal communications software and the incorporation of IM, presence and collaboration are catalysts for the widespread adoption of VoIP.

“For businesses today, giving employees the ability to respond to email, voice and IM chat from a single application interface makes them much more efficient. From a chat session, you can upgrade into a full collaboration session that links to a business process and enables the completion of a required task,” explains Owen Matthews, co-founder and CEO of NewHeights Software.

According to Matthews, NewHeights sought a partner that understood and shared the company’s commitment to providing products that ensure enterprise security.

“Enterprise networks are finding it more and more difficult to secure themselves with the growing number of connection methods and mediums available today. Instant Messaging and Collaboration, if not monitored and controlled, are another possible avenue for information to be transported out of the enterprise network. We sought a vendor that understood audit control and security policy on all connections both inside and outside the enterprise network,” he said.

NewHeights’ Desktop Assistant will be generally available through Mitel Networks as Your Assistant, which provides the common user interface that is the framework for the company’s Collaboration Suite, in Q2, 2004.

About WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture
WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture provides the underlying, technology building blocks for the entire e/pop product line, including all e/pop clients, servers and SDKs. This secure, two-way, real-time communications platform can be used to build a variety of high-performance custom applications. The scalable presence management system is capable of managing and displaying real-time status of thousands of users, known as presence objects, without creating network bottlenecks.

About NewHeights Software Corporation
NewHeights Software Corporation is a privately held company founded in 1998 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The Company provides, through OEM partnerships, Desktop Assistant™ Personal Communication Management software products that add value to IP telephony equipment and hosted telephony services. This industry is often referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Internet Telephony when relating to audio-based communications. Much of the appeal of VoIP is based on the potential for enhanced applications that combine traditional voice services with data collaboration and common enterprise applications to increase communication productivity and mobility. The Company's product development and research office is located in Victoria, BC, with business development and sales offices located in Ottawa, Ontario and Vancouver, BC.

About WiredRed
WiredRed Software is a technology leader in enterprise real-time communications. The company's e/pop software is designed to provide busy, security-conscious IT staff with a fast and easy solution to secure instant messaging, company-wide alert and web conferencing challenges.

More than 3,000 customers are using WiredRed's e/pop real-time communication software. Customer installations include ADP, Baker & McKenzie, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottrade, Southwest Airlines and Wells Fargo. e/pop has also been deployed throughout hundreds of schools, as well as local, state and federal government agencies including Northwestern University, U.S. Army, Bureau of Land Management, National Institute of Health, Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The company licenses its software, development kits, and underlying real-time routing components to corporate and government IT organizations and a growing network of business partners.

For more information visit the WiredRed web site at or contact the company directly at or +1-858-715-0970.



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