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WiredRed Announces LDAP and Microsoft ADS Directory-Interoperability for its Instant Messaging and Real-Time Communications Suite

e/pop 3.0 Boosts Presence Management Functionality with Additional Support
for Leading Directories

ATLANTA - September 10, 2001 - WiredRed® Software Corporation today announced that e/pop 3.0, the company's enterprise-level instant messaging (IM) and real-time communications software suite, now supports two additional network directory systems, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft's Active Directory Services (ADS). With previous support for the Novell NDS and Microsoft NT Domains, e/pop 3.0 represents one of the only enterprise-level IM products on the market that enables companies to leverage established network directories as the basis for its messaging presence management system. With additional directory support for LDAP and ADS, e/pop 3.0 helps companies easily manage messaging application migration to new operating systems, such as Windows™ XP, with minimal effort and expense.

According to Allen Drennan, president and CEO of WiredRed, the enhanced directory support is consistent with the company's dedication to providing an instant messaging and communications software suite that is suitable for enterprises of all sizes. "Our product strategy hasn't changed since we shipped our first generation of e/pop in 1999 -- to provide a product that can truly embrace and utilize all of the functionality and capabilities of the enterprise network infrastructure," he explains. "Increased directory support helps administrators take advantage of their established directories to create and manage presence systems throughout the corporation. With e/pop there is no need to recreate the wheel, the entire presence system can leverage the corporate network directory hierarchy."

WiredRed's real-time communications software, e/pop 3.0, includes a comprehensive feature set that extends beyond traditional instant messaging. e/pop 3.0 is a suite that includes text-based chat conferencing, presence management, application sharing, advanced encryption for maximum security, voice over IP conferencing, and Citrix and Terminal Server support. Enhanced directory support will enable a broader section of the enterprise market to utilize WiredRed's e/pop as a standard messaging system for inter- and intra-company communications.

Using WiredRed's unique real-time routing technology, e/pop is designed to be the most secure and flexible IM product on the market. It offers superior security using RSA for authentication, digital certificates and signing, as well as RC4, DES, Triple-DES and AES for encryption. In addition, the e/pop console gives complete centralized control over group management, profiles and other details of the e/pop system from a remote location. Designed to scale over LANs, WANs, over remote connections and the Internet, e/pop uniquely offers both peer-to-peer and client/server architecture.

About LDAP and ADS
LDAP, which originated at the University of Michigan, is a software protocol used to locate organizations, individuals and other resources such as files and devices in a network. LDAP is a "lightweight" version of Directory Access Protocol (DAP), which is part of X.500, a standard for directory services in a network. Microsoft includes LDAP as part of ADS in a number of products including Outlook Express. Novell's NetWare Directory Services (NDS) interoperates with LDAP as well.  Designed for distributed networking environments, ADS is a vital part of Microsoft's Windows™ 2000 which offers a centralized and standardized system that automates network management of user data, security and distributed resources and enables interoperability with other directories. 

Pricing and Availability - e/pop 3.0
LDAP and ADS support are available at no charge with e/pop 3.0 Standard Server Edition, designed for mid-sized companies; and with the Enterprise Server Edition, suitable for large companies with multiple geographically dispersed offices and/or nodes of 10,000 or more. Servers are priced from $500 and $750 respectively. The e/pop 3.0 Basic client, which includes IM, Chat and Presence functionality, ranges in price from $99.75 for a five-user license pack to $3,990 for 250 users. The e/pop 3.0 Professional Client, which includes the Basic Client functionality plus Remote Control, VoIP Conferencing and Application Sharing, ranges from $125 for five seats to $4,990 for 250 users. The e/pop clients can operate in any size company in a peer-to-peer environment, as well as in conjunction with the Standard Edition or Enterprise Server for highly scaleable distributed server capabilities. Quantity discounts are available. 

About WiredRed
Founded in 1998, WiredRed Corporation is the premier provider of real-time communications software for the enterprise. A privately held company, San Diego-based WiredRed has a significant share of the instant messaging market with more than 200,000 users, many from Fortune 500 companies, such as Domino's Pizza, USAirways, Northeastern Utilities and Compaq Switzerland. For more information visit the WiredRed web site at or contact the company directly at or 858-715-0970.