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WiredRed Software Releases e/pop SDK for
Rapid Development of Enterprise Instant Messaging Applications

San Diego, California – (July 29, 2002) -- WiredRed™, the leader of secure instant messaging and enterprise real-time communications software, today announced the availability of its e/pop® Real-Time Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK will enable in-house developers and a wide variety of business partners, including systems integrators, ISVs, OEMs, hardware appliance manufacturers and ASPs, to create custom client/server and web-based instant messaging (IM) applications based on WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture™, a secure, two-way, real-time communications platform. The SDK was designed to meet the needs of these organizations to rapidly develop secure IM applications that are capable of scaling-up in complex enterprise network environments.

The SDK supports Microsoft Visual Studio and Delphi 6 development toolsets, with certified languages including Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, and Delphi 6. The SDK includes COM and ActiveX Objects and Delphi 6 native components, sample applications with source code, online documentation and development environment set-up.

The source-code samples include: a fully functional, secure instant messaging client with an easy-to-use interface; a one-way secure instant messaging application for emergency notifications and other broadcast applications; and a web-based IM interface. These can be readily adapted to internal and customer-facing applications such as CRM, ERP, Enterprise Information Portals (EIP), web front-ends, line-of-business and legacy applications.

WiredRed’s e/pop Enterprise Server provides the server component for the e/pop SDK Run-Time Client. The Server delivers authentication, security, directory service integration, groups, profiles and other central management capabilities to custom client applications. The Server supports multi-server topologies, multi-threading and symmetric multi-processing (SMP), enabling secure IM applications for thousands or tens-of-thousands of users. In addition, it provides private routing over LAN, WANs, VPNs, NATs, proxies and firewalls. This “private routing” capability supports the complex, distributed network environments found in most large organizations today.

According to Allen Drennan, CEO and founder of WiredRed, the e/pop Real-Time SDK is the first in a series of SDKs that will be released throughout 2002 and 2003.

“Enterprise instant messaging is evolving into a viable business productivity tool for companies of all sizes,” he said. “The core components of our e/pop 3.0 product, presence management, secure instant messaging and text chat, are now available for developers to create custom instant messaging applications. The ability to add real-time presence to legacy applications can be a powerful enhancement, which ensures immediate communication between employee teams and ultimately benefits the customers they serve.”

About WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture
WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture provides the underlying, technology building blocks for the entire e/pop product line, including all e/pop clients, servers and SDKs. This secure, two-way, real-time communications platform can be used to build a variety of high-performance custom applications. Key components include the real-time engine featuring intelligent routing, user identification and presence (status), virtual channels and pipes. Pipes support a variety of multi-server topologies, providing massive scalability and/or multi-office communications. The scalable presence management system is capable of managing and displaying real-time status of thousands of users, known as presence objects, without creating network bottlenecks with status updates.

Price and Availability
The e/pop Real-Time SDK is available for a free 30-day trial. The e/pop Enterprise Server, e/pop SDK and run-time client access licenses (CALs) are available under site license agreements. Pricing ranges from $15 to $40 per user, volume purchase discounts available. The e/pop SDK comes with complete object components, help files and documentation, three source-code sample applications and installer. The e/pop Real-Time SDK, e/pop Client and Enterprise Server are available for free trial at

About WiredRed
WiredRed Software is the leader of secure instant messaging and enterprise real-time communications software. WiredRed’s Real-Time Routing Architecture, a secure, two-way communication platform, provides the foundation for the company’s flagship product, e/pop, and its e/pop Real-Time SDK. The company licenses its software to corporate IT organizations and an expanding network of business partners.

WiredRed holds a significant share of the enterprise instant messaging software market, with more than 3,000 corporate installations including Baker & McKenzie, Blue Cross, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and hundreds of universities and local, state and federal government agencies. For more information visit the WiredRed web site at or contact the company directly at or 858-715-0970.



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