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Software Solution Specialist XuiS Chooses e/pop Web Conferencing
to Offer its Customers Enhanced Technical Support

Chichester, England – August 21, 2006 – WiredRed®, a leader in real-time communication software, today announced that XuiS has adopted its e/pop® Web Conferencing software solution to enable its staff to provide enhanced technical support to its remote customers when problems on their systems occur.

Based in Epsom, Surrey, XuiS supplies best-of-breed software solutions throughout Europe, priding itself on high quality service and customer support. In respect of this ethos, XuiS endeavours to offer its clients one-on-one technical support.

In the past, the company had used WebEx as a means to communicate with its customers; however, XuiS wanted to find a solution with greater functionality to enable the company to give product presentations and demonstrate software solutions to remote prospects and customers at a lower cost. XuiS also needed a solution that would give the team, with approval from the customer, the ability to take control of the customer’s PC, in order to rectify problems on their systems.

XuiS discovered the e/pop Web Conferencing application from WiredRed and decided to sign up for an initial five-user license. e/pop is an ideal solution for organisations such as XuiS, looking for a convenient and secure form of communication. e/pop gives users the ability to conduct online meetings and training seminars with anyone at any time, no matter where they are. The technology is also perfect for companies looking to offer technical support to their client base, as it allows live, attended remote control of the attendee’s PC.

“e/pop has enabled us to improve our service to remote internal users and customers,” comments XuiS Technical Manager, Malcolm Dunn. “We’ve used e/pop to demonstrate our software to prospective customers; however, the most useful feature for us has been the ability to – with permission from the customer - take control of our clients’ PCs to collect information and debug their systems.”

“e/pop reduces the time it takes to solve problems with our customers’ systems by allowing us to collect information on their systems from our office base,” explains Dunn. “e/pop has already saved us money and resources in negating the need to travel to customer locations. At a click of a button we can be in touch with our customers, gather relevant information from their PC and rectify the problem in real-time, thus improving customer relations.”

In the future, XuiS hopes to not only further improve its customer service by offering hands-on assistance to its clients, but to also shorten its sales cycle and improve the ratio of leads becoming qualified prospects, by increasing the use of e/pop as a tool to deliver presentations to potential clients.

“It’s great to see the likes of XuiS using e/pop to remotely access its clients’ systems to solve problems as and when they arise,” comments WiredRed UK MD Tom Sloan. “In time, XuiS can look to use e/pop increasingly as a means to communicate with possible new users of its solutions, by meeting virtually for an hour online to familiarise themselves with the team and gain insight into the solutions that XuiS can provide them with.”

About XuiS
Founded in 1993, XuiS specialises in supplying innovative enterprise-wide system management solutions to its growing customer base throughout EMEA. XuiS' unique offering is the provision of personalised customer support services, including 24/7 cover, with regular face-to-face meetings to ensure that each customer gets maximum return from their investment in XuiS' software.
XuiS has a sister company in Los Angeles with partners across EMEA. For further information please visit

About WiredRed
WiredRed Software is a technology leader in real-time communications. The Company's secure, multipoint routing technology powers its e/pop product line, which includes multiparty video conferencing, web conferencing and secure IM software. All e/pop products are designed to provide busy, security-conscious IT staff with fast and easy to maintain solutions compatible with their existing networks.

More than 3,500 commercial and government customers are using e/pop software. Customer installations include Birmingham University, Loreto College, Digital Media Interactive, Tutoreasy, Derwent Shared Services, Routeco Plc., Barry Callebaut, ADP, Scottrade, Wells Fargo, The Members Group, Mercury Insurance and Florida Rock. The company licenses its software to corporate and government IT organizations and a growing network of business partners.

WiredRed has offices in San Diego, California, Chichester, England and Sophia-Antipolis, France. For more information visit


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