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Tutoreasy Relies upon e/pop for New Online Service

March 10, 2006 – Chichester, England – WiredRed®, a technology leader in real-time communications software, today announced that Tutoreasy is using e/pop® Web and Video Conferencing software to deliver the world’s first online educational marketplace, whereby any individual or organization can teach or learn any subject -- live and online --using state-of-the-art conferencing technology.

e/pop Web Conferencing provides the ability to conduct fully interactive sessions that include multi-party video, VoIP, plus complete desktop sharing with remote control, application/document and dynamic presentation sharing. e/pop is compatible with most web cameras and can be accessed via leading web browsers and on standard Internet connections.

Tutoreasy designed its web site to allow users to speak with each other, see each other and share/create/change documents together in real-time. The site offers a plethora of lectures, from Chinese to Welsh, Psychology to Russian Politics. “Tutoreasy provides access to the best tutors, wherever you are, at a time that is best suited and tailored for your exact needs,” explained Edward Brooks, CEO of Tutoreasy. “It is the perfect tool for anyone, whatever their education background, to further their skills whether for business or leisure.”

“When we formed the web site we originally used Microsoft NetMeeting, although we soon found that it was not reliable enough and wasn’t able to work behind firewalls,” said Brooks. “We wanted to give our users a platform on which they could teach and learn, with minimal training and no requirement for local technology investment,” comments Brooks. “Through WiredRed’s e/pop this has easily been achieved.”

Brooks discovered WiredRed’s e/pop software, which enables users to conduct online meetings via web conferencing. From their individual PCs, users of e/pop can utilise built-in VoIP to communicate and simultaneously share video, applications, documents and web browsers in real-time. This was imperative to Tutoreasy’s business model.

Now, tutors can register on the site for $10, instantly giving them an innovative way to expand their customer base and earnings, without the need for traveling. Tutors can teach as many subjects, and list as many tutorials as they wish, and can set their own prices.

Students can then drop into the site at any time to see what teaching is taking place. After clicking on the “Go To Live Space” button they will be taken through a very short, firewall-friendly, set up process, then into the live training area to see what subjects are currently available and a timetable of upcoming lectures.

“Through implementing e/pop, we have managed to create a market and offer a service that would not have been possible 12 months ago,” says Brooks. “We provide a safe and secure environment for learning and can also save students, their parents and tutors significant travel time and costs. In addition, we have provided tutors with a forum on which they can gain revenue from their much sought after expertise.”

As the global leader in real-time communication software, WiredRed is at the forefront of web-based collaboration applications that significantly reduce expensive travel costs.

“It is fascinating to see how Tutoreasy is fully utilising e/pop,” explains WiredRed UK, Managing Director Tom Sloan. “It is a great example of a how a good idea and the willingness to embrace technology such as ours can open up market applications previously thought impractical.”

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