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Non-Profit Institutions Enjoy Benefits of Video Conferencing Without Traditional Boardroom Expense and Complexity

IT leaders at Utah Boy Scouts and United Blood Services New Mexico deploy e/pop software to reduce commute time and travel expenses

San Diego, California – August 22, 2007 – WiredRed®, a technology leader in real-time communications software and online services, today announced that e/pop® Web & Video Conferencing was deployed by Utah Boy Scouts and United Blood Services New Mexico to conquer rural distances, travel time and meeting expenses. IT leadership at these organizations is getting the benefits of video conferencing at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional boardroom systems by taking advantage of increasingly powerful Pentium PCs and the latest e/pop desktop video conferencing technology.

Video conferencing is one of the most vibrant segments in the information technology industry. The core offering, traditional boardroom systems, enjoys a healthy growth clip, while a new category of high-end $100,000 to $250,000 (USD) conferencing suites, called telepresence studios, joins the fray. At the opposite end of the market spectrum, desktop video conferencing has established a foothold and is now growing at over twice the rate of traditional systems, providing full-screen video conferencing using standard PCs, cost-effective webcams and existing networks.

e/pop is a particularly good example of the latter new product category, allowing conference participants to use any Windows-compatible video camera, and widely differing Internet connection speeds. These conditions are prevalent among non-profit institutions.

In the case of Utah Boy Scouts, they leveraged e/pop capabilities to cut travel time for volunteers and staff, while covering meeting events across the vast distances of Utah. “We needed something that was easy, worked on our existing hardware, allowed us to share documents like Power Point presentations, and still allow interaction,” said John Gailey, IT Director for Utah Boy Scouts.

United Blood Services used e/pop as an alternative to more costly systems that required like equipment and dedicated Internet connections at each of their conference facilities. “We wanted a program that had audio and video, as well as application sharing and the ability to record,” said Tim Parker, Center Manager.

“Desktop video conferencing goes beyond the boardroom in more ways than one. Besides using standard peripherals and reaching any desktop using existing network connections, our customers accomplish real work using fully integrated presentation, document and desktop sharing features,” said Steven Peltier, WiredRed Chief Executive Officer.

“We are pleased to see the IT leadership at Utah Boy Scouts and United Blood Services New Mexico select e/pop. We believe they are a harbinger of increased adoption of desktop video conferencing tools among non-profit organizations that cannot tolerate the expense or network reengineering required by traditional boardroom systems,” he added.

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WiredRed Software is a technology leader in real-time communications software and online services. The Company’s e/pop product line is one of the fastest growing web and desktop video conferencing solutions for business, government, and non-profit organizations.

Over 4,000 customers have paid licenses for e/pop software. These include market leaders such as ADP, Kohler, Toshiba, and government agencies including the FAA, NOAA, and the US Army. e/pop is especially popular among small-to-medium size organizations, where its high-quality video, use of cost-effective PC peripherals, security and minimal maintenance requirements deliver exceptional value.

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