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WiredRed’s e/pop Web and Video Conferencing Equals
Great Value at Internet For Business Limited

IFB Deploys e/pop and Creates New Revenue Stream

Chichester, England – June 23, 2006 – WiredRed®, a technology leader in real-time communications software, today welcomes Internet For Business LTD (IFB) as both an e/pop® customer and an official value-added reseller.

Aberdeen-based IFB provides reliable, resilient web hosting and Internet access to the businesses it serves, as well as offering Internet security services, web development and data back-up. Founded in 1996, IFB’s portfolio of services are now successfully deployed and managed to its client base across the UK.

IFB was originally using traditional, yet expensive ISDN equipment in order to conduct video conferences, but was seeking an alternative that was more flexible, cost effective and easy to use. It wanted an application that could provide document and application sharing along with video and voice conferencing. IFB discovered WiredRed’s e/pop Web Conferencing after looking at a number of web conferencing applications and quickly realised that it met all the requirements it was looking for in a multiparty communication system.

When IFB adopted WiredRed’s e/pop, it realised that its customer base would also be able to utilize and benefit from the software. The company got in touch with WiredRed and became an e/pop reseller. By offering e/pop as an outright solution, IFB is able to attract new customers and upsell the product to existing ones. It recognised that many businesses moving to broadband would turn to IFB to give them the ability to work together on projects without spending valuable time traveling to and from meetings.

Interest has been so high that many of IFB’s customers have already signed up for e/pop accounts and it has rapidly become core to its product line. IFB is currently introducing e/pop to companies in a wide variety of markets including the education and public sectors.

“e/pop offers many companies an invaluable service because it improves communication without the need to be in the same location,” states IFB Operations Director, Graeme Gordon. “In this day and age, mobility is becoming increasingly important. The ability to connect your laptop, plug in a webcam and microphone and speak to someone no matter where you are is invaluable.”

Some of IFB’s customers have discovered the personal benefits of e/pop as well. One of its customers is an energy company that employs people to be out on location for lengthy periods of time. e/pop allows staff members to communicate with their families back home making the long periods of time away easier. Gordon explains, “In many highly skilled sectors, businesses are keen to keep their staff from going elsewhere and e/pop has provided this particular company with something to offer their staff that makes their time away seem less isolated.”

e/pop has provided IFB not only with an application it can use itself but a service it can provide for others. “Obviously it is always great to sign new customers,” comments WiredRed UK MD Tom Sloan. “However, it is even better when users such as IFB see the benefits of e/pop for their clients and in doing so, create an extra revenue stream for their business.”

About Internet For Business
Internet For Business Ltd (IFB) is a business-to-business Internet Service Provider focusing on delivering proven technology solutions. Formed in 1996 it has developed a portfolio of services that are successfully deployed and managed to its client base across the UK. For more information visit

About WiredRed
WiredRed Software is a technology leader in real-time communications. The Company's secure, multipoint routing technology powers its e/pop product line, which includes multiparty video conferencing, web conferencing and secure IM software. All e/pop products are designed to provide busy, security-conscious IT staff with fast and easy to maintain solutions compatible with their existing networks.

More than 3,500 commercial and government customers are using e/pop software. Customer installations include Birmingham University, Loreto College, Digital Media Interactive, Tutoreasy, Derwent Shared Services, Routeco Plc., Barry Callebaut, ADP, Scottrade, Wells Fargo, Mercury Insurance and Florida Rock. The company licenses its software to corporate and government IT organizations and a growing network of business partners.

WiredRed has offices in San Diego, California, Chichester, England and Sophia-Antipolis, France. For more information visit



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