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Wiredred Software Announced e/pop®
Audit and Reporting Server

Server meets new U.S. financial services regulatory requirements regarding archiving and reporting of electronic communications

San Diego, California – (June 10, 2002) -- WiredRed™, the leader of secure instant messaging and comprehensive real-time communications for business, today announced the availability of the e/pop® Audit and Reporting Server.  The Server provides financial services companies with a method to achieve compliance with new U.S. regulations requiring the recording and archiving of instant messaging communications.  The e/pop Audit and Reporting Server is also the only product currently available that meets key requirements for supervisory access to electronic correspondence.  Using a roles and permissions-based approach, the Server allows companies to designate specific individuals with the right to access multiple levels of data in the e/pop system based on the companies’ own unique supervisory hierarchy.

According to David Lipsett, vice president of Terra Nova Online, the retail division of Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C., one of the nation's largest Direct Access online brokerage firms, instant messaging is an important tool that aids in the success of its clients.

“Terra Nova strives to provide the tools and services that help our traders make better decisions and react quicker,” said Lipsett. "Using WiredRed's e/pop enables us to instantly distribute market-related information internally, allowing us to notify our customers more quickly and efficiently. The new e/pop Audit and Reporting Server enables us to take instant messaging capabilities one step further and helps us meet all facets of U.S. regulations regarding the logging, archiving and reporting of electronic communications.  During product testing and evaluation we found that it is very easy to mine the data from the IM system, create reports from any message content and filter all IM message traffic on an as needed basis.” 

The new e/pop Audit and Reporting Server supports single and multi-server installations of WiredRed’s e/pop 3.0 Enterprise Server.   It captures data from the e/pop messaging system, including remote administration logs, presence, user status, date, time and content of messages and chat sessions, as well as attachments and “To” and “From” information.   Reports can be generated using the Server’s built-in data mining functionality which includes comprehensive report creation, management and query capabilities, along with easy to use wizards for data mining.  The captured data can also be easily exported via flat file to Microsoft SQL, Access, Excel and Oracle databases. 

 “The new e/pop Audit and Reporting Server is the only product currently available that addresses the new regulatory requirement for supervisory access to electronic correspondence,” explains Allen Drennan, founder and CEO of WiredRed.  “Not only does it meet the requirements for logging, archiving and accessing instant messaging communications but it enables the in-depth analysis of data within the e/pop messaging system. This ensures appropriate business use of IM to help eliminate the potential for harassment and other human resource-related concerns.”

“Companies can also utilize the e/pop Audit and Reporting Server as a means to effectively measure overall usage, effectiveness and ROI of the e/pop messaging platform,” adds Drennan. e/pop 3.0 is a secure instant messaging and comprehensive real-time communications system for the enterprise. It offers a rich feature set designed to improve the efficiency of business communications. e/pop extends beyond traditional instant messaging to include presence management, text-based chat conferencing, application sharing, remote control and voice over IP conferencing. e/pop supports corporate standards for secure operations and central management, including directory integration, authentication and end-to-end encryption (with options such as RC4, DES, triple DES, AES, & RSA).

Price and Availability

The e/pop Audit and Reporting Server is available now at an introductory price of $4,000 for up to 100 users.  It requires the installation of an e/pop 3.0 Enterprise Server.  A trial version of the Server is available at or by calling 888-665-epop.

About WiredRed

WiredRed Software is the leader of secure instant messaging and comprehensive real-time communications for the business enterprise.  The company holds a significant share of the enterprise instant messaging software market, with more than 3,000 corporate installations including Baker & McKenzie, Blue Cross, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and hundreds of universities and local, state and federal government agencies.

WiredRed licenses its software to corporations and an expanding network of OEM and business partners.  WiredRed and its partners support more than one million installed users of WiredRed’s real-time communications technology.   For more information visit the WiredRed web site at or contact the company directly at or 888-665-epop.


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