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Net Send Replacement

e/pop Alert is often used as a replacement for net send command. Net send was a popular network utility in the 80’s and 90’s. It allowed network administrators to send a (text only) message to all PC’s on a local area network. e/pop Alert goes well beyond the net send command allowing IT administrators to send pop-up messages across the LAN, WAN or company-wide.

The netsend command was often used for IT broadcasts such as ‘email server down,’ ‘printer closed for maintenance’ and so on. Netsend faded from popular use as most (corporate and government) networks grew to include multiple LAN segments and/or added routers, firewalls and NATs – all of which blocked delivery of all broadcast messages, including net send.

e/pop solves these problems using TCP/IP-based communications and WiredRed’s real-time routing platform that allows IT administrators control access, routing and all aspects of security. All communications are routed from client to server, no broadcasting is employed.

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Important e/pop Alert Features

  • Send to specific users, groups, or company-wide
  • Groups can be defined using directory groups, or e/pop specific groups such as departments and buildings
  • Immediate real-time delivery
  • Pops up in front (plus many more detailed controls over message properties)
  • Message macros and templates for 1-click messaging sending
  • Desktop shortcuts for 1-click message sending
  • Embedded images
  • Embedded sounds or voice files for audible alarms
  • Full featured rich-text messages including large type face, bold and colors
  • Presence management systems integrates with major Directory Services including NetWare NDS, eDirectory, NT/2000 Domains, ADS and LDAP

netsend command
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