Security and Encryption

e/popísģ Real-Time Engine Uses a Combination of Security Protocols

Security is a concern when internal users need to communicate with remote users. e/pop Servers offer a built-in security system for organizations requiring high level security. The server security policy defines the level of security required by all connecting e/pop clients and pipes.

RSA encryption is combined with RC4, DES or AES encryption to secure the connection and maximize performance. RSA is used to authenticate connections and secure communications while exchanging passwords and security keys.

The e/pop serverís default security implementation is RC4 encryption to secure communication between users, servers and the data flowing over pipes. Organizations can selectively enable additional security controls and implement RSA to communicate with users and other servers over pipes.

  RC4 provides basic, secure and fast communications over all connections. RSA is combined with DES or Triple-DES to enhance security and RSA with AES provides the highest level of encryption and security.

RSA Security

RSA is used to authenticate connections and establish secure communications. It provides a high level of security for mission-critical business information traveling over unsecured networks. We recommend using RSA when either the type of data, or the medium the data is being sent over is sensitive. We recommend using RSA for public networks such as the Internet.

Enabling RSA encryption will require all connections to create digital certificates. The digital certificates are unique to each user and stored under the name MyCertificate.* in each individual user's e/pop directory.

The initial digital certificate creation process can take a while. With this in mind, consider creating a common certificate with the e/pop client before distributing the e/pop client or only use RSA level security when the implementation requires it.






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