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e/pop Secure IM Client Revision History

E/POP 3.0 CLIENT HISTORY (legend information)

3.1 Release Build 670 February 8, 2008

  • Updated visual components
  • Fixed error when clicking on the ‘To’ button in a message window
  • Fixed error when resizing the main window
  • Fixed the ‘Always float the window …..’ option in the message properties.
  • Improved memory management

3.1 Release Build 605 March 20, 2006

  • Fixed IPWorks6.dll error message on Windows 9x

3.1 Release Build 600 February 17, 2006

  • Updated visual components
  • Fixed error within DeleteUserGroup Empty Parents
  • Fixed incremental search feature doesn’t work if groups are collapsed in directory

3.1 Release Build 593 August 22, 2005

  • Added feature to Options to disable live spell checking for messages
  • Fixed potential client shutdown error when hide offline users was enabled
  • Fixed Ctrl-C does not always immediately copy message content to clipboard

3.1 Release Build 591 July 29, 2005

  • Fixed some potential popup random access violation errors
  • Fixed various large font issues
  • Fixed network options page still showing after being disabled with the control panel
  • Fixed inoperable admin tool buttons accessible from the navigation bar after they are disabled
  • Fixed various large font issues
  • Fixed no scroll box for To: field with received messages
  • Fixed various potential user interface bugs
  • Fixed Directory and My Shortcuts button on main toolbar
  • Updated core database engine

3.1 Release Build 580 May 10, 2005

  • Fixed popup and pulldown menus not disappearing on some systems
  • Fixed 30 day trial system not working properly
  • Fixed security icon not showing when encryption security is enabled
  • Fixed Ctrl-A not working for selecting all while composing a message
  • Fixed not being able to select individual attachments for saving in a message
  • Fixed multiselection not showing the focused item as selected
  • Fixed right click selection not working properly in the directory
  • Fixed shift tab not allowing cursor to change control focus when composing a message
  • Fixed setup wizard version number
  • Fixed possible access denied error with various MyFiles

3.1 Release Build 572 April 15, 2005

  • Added cosmetic improvements and overall Windows XP style facelift
  • Added improved performance when loading MyHistory
  • Added feature to show IP address in e/pop directory
  • Added view menu to control client appearance to be like a consumer IM client
  • Added add users button to My Shortcuts
  • Added advanced message feature to control background color of message
  • Added notification if MyIdentity file cannot be created/opened
  • Added 'Alternate UID=1' to product INI settings file to force ethernet based UID
  • Added 'Alternate UID=2' to product INI settings file to force hard drive serial based UID
  • Added automatic and manual message purging feature for old messages
  • Fixed updated database core from 3.x to 4.x version
  • Fixed when chat text contains a URL the last character is truncated
  • Fixed inbox, sent and deleted column sorting not always maintained properly
  • Fixed the adding of a new user account on server when MyIdentity is inaccessible
  • Fixed attachment splitter can sometimes obscure the message body

3.0 Release Build 510 October 20, 2003

  • Added feature to not scroll chat text when vertical scroll bar not at bottom
  • Fixed disabling message attach feature did not disable attachment drag and drop
  • Fixed command line messages not working when used with account and password
  • Fixed using address for remote control when initial server connect attempt fails
  • Fixed Active Directory using excess memory with large Active Directory trees
  • Fixed status details not being disabled properly from e/pop control panel on first run
  • Fixed auto away feature not working with some custom software applications

3.0 Release Build 500 June 20, 2003

  • Added support for network address translation for remote control, appshare
  • Added feature to compact MyHistory database
  • Fixed sending messages to groups under groups not working properly
  • Fixed shortcut status sometimes appearing offline
  • Fixed personal shortcut groups not working properly

3.0 Release Build 490 May 23, 2003

  • Fixed automatically delete older ipw temp files on startup
  • Fixed force message to display before sound plays for slow networks
  • Fixed possible splitter bar hidden when showing a message with attachment

3.0 Release Build 480 April 29, 2003

  • Added dynamic compression for status and message requests
  • Added updated installation wizard
  • Fixed potential errors when shutting down client during an event
  • Fixed Windows 95 toolbar problem

3.0 Release Build 450 March 12, 2003

  • Refresh build, no changes

3.0 Release Build 440 February 21, 2003

  • Fixed remaining unicode issue when composing messages in double byte languages

3.0 Release Build 430 February 1, 2003

  • Added feature to minimize directory after accessing feature
  • Improved method for detecting mouse movement in chat and messages
  • Fixed Win95 program crash when dragging toolbar on unpatched Win95
  • Fixed setting identity to account ignores identity setting in Options
  • Fixed open and save dialogs leaving file system handle open when creating folder
  • Fixed hide remote control tray icon feature not working properly

3.0 Release Build 420 January 20, 2003

  • Added extended support for Unicode based languages

3.0 Release Build 390 December 16, 2002

  • Added message header details when forwarding
  • Added control panel setting to enable message header details
  • Added support for Active Directory global catalogs and multiple domain forests
  • Added ability to change password
  • Added account logon name to identity selection within control panel
  • Added dictionary and thesaurus to default install
  • Added detection of incorrect client for installed license
  • Added automatic keep alive to clients
  • Improved performance of message history delete
  • Updated spell checker and thesaurus libraries
  • Fixed possible splitter problem when forwarding message attachments
  • Fixed error with font styles while cursor is not inside message body
  • Fixed potential log error when closing remote control session
  • Fixed display this confirmation in the future not always remembered
  • Fixed potential Active Directory property cannot be found error
  • Fixed potential chat window close error
  • Fixed possible chat splitter overlapping window
  • Fixed appshare prompts subsequent users when they are joining the session
  • Fixed appshare gives control back to subsequent users after prompting
  • Fixed appshare users sometimes not shown in user list

3.0 Release Build 370 October 24, 2002

  • Added ability to float message on top of other applications
  • Added ability to remove system menu and buttons to message macros
  • Added custom placement of instant message buttons within messages
  • Added instant buttons for delivery responses within messages
  • Added instant buttons for launching programs or web links within messages
  • Fixed WinXP causes certain buttons and captions to misalign
  • Fixed potential DeleteMessageItem error
  • Fixed instant reply buttons not closing message window

3.0 Release Build 330 October 1, 2002

  • Fixed receive led not turning green when IGMP enabled
  • Fixed IGMP v2 multicast group to initiate join after binding socket
  • Fixed potential chat session failure when closing chat session
  • Fixed flashing only on new messages and not folder messages
  • Fixed minimum auto away status to a second
  • Fixed remote control doesn't connect under some circumstances
  • Fixed remote control becomes unresponsive under some circumstances
  • Fixed /ACCOUNT and /PASSWORD command line switches not working

3.0 Release Build 320 September 13, 2002

  • Added ability to disable screen saver for messages to message macros
  • Added quick search feature to MyShortcuts view
  • Added support for Active Directory flat style directory structures
  • Added automatic cleanup for orphaned private chat rooms
  • Improved sound playback to be more compatible with legacy sound systems
  • Fixed NDS full name might not work on machines with mismatched NetWare DLLs
  • Fixed double click on '+' symbol doesn't expand or collapse
  • Fixed MyShortcuts balloon notifying that a user is online at startup
  • Fixed sound does play continuous on Win98 SR2 under some circumstances
  • Fixed screen saver not always disabled on Win98 SR2 systems for messages
  • Fixed remote control avoids some screen changes
  • Fixed remote control disconnecting under certain scenarios

3.0 Release Build 315 August 23, 2002

  • Added sound plays continuous until message is closed feature to message properties
  • Added local sound playback feature to special message properties
  • Added message display maximize feature to special message properties
  • Added sorting in message folders no longer case sensitive
  • Added sorting in message folders keeps replied messages together
  • Added ctrl-a as select all text for messages
  • Added status time and message retention when status goes auto away
  • Added 5MB message attach size limit unless size specified in server console
  • Added support for https:// and uppercase hyperlinks
  • Added feature restriction to disable server disconnected balloon message
  • Added automatically exclude self when replying to all in a message
  • Improved disable screen saver feature when displaying messages
  • Fixed message attachment split bar being resized to be invisible
  • Fixed chat rights are lost when joining a user to a chat session
  • Fixed spell checker starts on second line when started from end of the message body
  • Fixed authentication security dialog does not disappear after logon
  • Fixed some dialogs do not always stay on top of other windows
  • Fixed recipient To: search feature not working in message compose
  • Fixed double clicking plus or minus symbols creates message without recipients

3.0 Release Build 300 July 22, 2002

  • Refresh build, no changes

3.0 Release Build 290 July 12, 2002

  • Added ability to control the seconds the balloon is displayed
  • Added automatic group sorting in the directory
  • Added first-time quick tour to welcome message
  • Fixed remote shutdown returning loading user error

3.0 Release Build 280 June 22, 2002

  • Added support for the GroupWise address book
  • Fixed automatic file repair feature not working properly

3.0 Release Build 270 June 9, 2002

  • Added prompt in wizard for program when none provided
  • Added support for environment variables for automatic directory creation for personal files
  • Fixed selecting specific location in options would sometimes be ignored
  • Fixed tray icon continues to flash after displaying a message

3.0 Release Build 260 May 30, 2002

  • Added optional balloon hints for messages, chat sessions and server disconnects
  • Added option and control panel setting to default to My Shortcuts on startup
  • Added optional online and offline status notifications and sounds
  • Added message search feature
  • Added rename subject of messages in the inbox/sent/deleted folders
  • Added message property to always show or always hide messages
  • Added message property to control position, width of messages
  • Added message property to expire messages after specified date and time
  • Added system wide hotkey to toggle between directory and the inbox
  • Added drag and drop of attachments out of displayed messages
  • Added SMTP message sending for messages, pagers and cellular gateways
  • Added ability to change multiple shortcut properties at once
  • Added ability to attach open files under most conditions
  • Added automatic scroll to top in inbox, sent and deleted folders
  • Added double click on shortcut personal groups triggers message
  • Added control panel option to disable balloons option page
  • Fixed NDS fullname not appearing once enabled as identity
  • Fixed sorting problem in directory when identity changes
  • Fixed possible icon disappearing from tray on startup
  • Fixed default feature showing multiple duplicate features
  • Fixed recipient search error under certain conditions
  • Fixed playing certain WAV files cause lockup on some soundcards
  • Fixed sound overlapping issue
  • Improved program graphics

3.0 Release Build 230 May 1, 2002

  • Added automatic repair feature to server and client
  • Added support for audit and reporting server
  • Added automated message delivery retrying for unreliable connections
  • Added MyFiles repair feature to the client diagnostic features
  • Added backwards support for older series e/pop clients to e/pop server
  • Added location speed selection for client connections
  • Added automatic transmission speed throttling for low bandwidth clients
  • Added automated shared client installation feature to wizard and control panel
  • Added connection speed selection to the wizard
  • Added automatic domain name detection to the e/pop control panel
  • Added support for Document and Settings, Windows Profiles and roaming with shared installs
  • Added automatic make directory for defined MyFiles paths in the control panel
  • Added feature to block NDS contexts and/or NDS groups from the directory
  • Improved network enable/disable process in options and the control panel
  • Improved automatic application startup process through wizard and control panel
  • Fixed client sometimes flashes the wrong icon in the system tray
  • Fixed private chat sessions not always being displayed immediately
  • Fixed client not unloading when sending command line api messages
  • Fixed periods in ADSI provider host being separated within the directory
  • Fixed possible Initialize error under certain conditions

3.0 Release Build 215 March 30, 2002

  • Added chat paste feature to paste multiple lines of text into sessions
  • Added diagnostic gathering for directory and identity
  • Improved ADSI and Domain configuration through e/pop control panel
  • Fixed chat related issues
  • Fixed remote control not starting in certain circumstances
  • Fixed chat tray icon flash continues after room closes
  • Fixed chat room user drag not working

3.0 Release Build 203 March 9, 2002

  • Improved message delivery by adding internal delivery verification
  • Improved real-time communications performance and internal efficiency
  • Improved 30-day trial process
  • Added message send prevention when client is no longer connected
  • Fixed popup menu not hiding when switching application focus
  • Fixed web URL launch not working when web browser is not associated in Windows
  • Fixed appshare confirmations enabled from control panel not operating

  3.0 Release Build 153 February 28, 2002

  • Added web link feature now launches web pages to new browser window
  • Fixed icons missing from Windows 95/98 after closing the e/pop client
  • Fixed message macros containing instant buttons would not display under certain circumstances

3.0 Release Build 152 February 26, 2002

  • Added drag and drop file attachments to messages
  • Improved enabling and disabling of features through the e/pop control panel
  • Improved 30-day trial code process feature
  • Fixed e/pop client remembering deleted and sent column widths and sorting order
  • Fixed disabling of remote run was ignored
  • Fixed disabling of remote admin prevented remote tasks from working correctly

3.0 Release Build 149 February 19, 2002

  • Added ability to control message display style and window via the e/pop control panel
  • Added ability to show or hide the application in Windows using a global hotkey
  • Added fast user search to directory and recipients dialog

3.0 Release Build 148 February 17, 2002

  • Added connection wizard for easy installation and setup
  • Added faster compression for attachments
  • Added ability to force enable and default features using the e/pop control panel
  • Improved e/pop control panel by implementing most recently used list for open files
  • Fixed 30-day expiration problem on some NT/2000/XP computers
  • Fixed retaining style when applying new styles like bold, font, size or colors in message

3.0 Release Build 146 February 9, 2002

  • Fixed messages to prevent sending a message without recipients
  • Fixed Ctrl-C copy to clipboard not working for composed messages
  • Fixed confirmation dialog arrow key movement reversed
  • Changed my files history to default as enabled
  • Added feature for securely launching web and file links through messages

3.0 Release Build 145 January 26, 2002

  • Added attachments when forwarding messages
  • Added retain status message when returning from auto-away status
  • Fixed auto-reply not working when both Do Not Disturb and Auto Reply are enabled

3.0 Release Build 144 January 20, 2002

  • Added compression to message body when pasting large images or objects (all clients must be build 144)
  • Added ability to include to, from, date and subject when replying to messages
  • Fixed e/pop client user shows a connected in toolbar but is offline in directory
  • Fixed connecting, attempting to logon forever with e/pop servers and clients separated behind certain proxy/gateway and proxy routers
  • Fixed timeout when submit a 30-day trial code request with firewalls

3.0 Release Build 142 January 7, 2002

  • Fixed inconsistent delete toolbar button when changing folders
  • Fixed MyCertificate not tracking target or specified paths
  • Fixed inconsistent chat room participant count over pipes
  • Fixed unable to join public chat rooms created by remote e/pop servers

3.0 Release Build 141 December 12, 2001

  • Added account and password support for command line messages
  • Added path for MyLocations to the e/pop control panel

3.0 Release Build 140 November 19, 2001

  • Added /SERVER switch to connect to location by address from desktop shortcut
  • Fixed reconnection to server feature not working properly

3.0 Release Build 138 November 11, 2001

  • Added feature to completely disable the ability to receive user status from e/pop control panel
  • Added ability to enable or disable each network type in the e/pop control panel
  • Added ability to specify the ADSI server in the e/pop control panel
  • Added /TCP_RECONNECT=<seconds> switch to adjust maximum random reconnection time for e/pop clients
  • Added allowed expired e/pop clients to connect locations to e/pop servers
  • Changed user identification is now kept in MyIdentity.* file instead of registry
  • Fixed restrict status auto-away feature not working from e/pop control panel
  • Fixed logon name appearing as strange characters when exceeding 16 characters

3.0 Release Build 137 November 5, 2001

  • Added support for the ADSI directory
  • Added ability to disable auto-away status feature to e/pop control panel
  • Added client type to e/pop splash screen and executable properties
  • Added /TCP_BASEPORT switch to e/pop clients
  • Changed e/pop client to remove connect button when connecting it is not an option
  • Changed reconnect time after to disconnect to vary up to 30 seconds
  • Changed auto-away process to be more compatible with keyboard mouse handlers
  • Changed file access denied messages in e/pop client to more accurate messages
  • Fixed play sound continuous when mouse over message until mouse moved
  • Fixed e/pop client and server localport security negotiating issues
  • Fixed possible TFMain.FormClose error on e/pop client

3.0 Release Build 135 October 22, 2001

  • Added auto away status change feature (all clients must update to use)
  • Added toolbar button to toggle hiding offline users
  • Added Offline (Lost Signal) status for abrupt server disconnects
  • Added remote control graphical mouse cursor option
  • Added faster remote control on NT4/Win2K desktops
  • Added scrollbars to To: field on message display for many recipients
  • Added message macro feature to exclude selected users from directory
  • Added status date stamp option
  • Added control panel features for chat sounds and continuous sound enabled
  • Changed instant message reply buttons to appear within message body
  • Changed e/pop remote auto-scroll to default activated
  • Removed /TCP_TIMEOUT switch and feature
  • Fixed hyperlinks not working after replying in body of message
  • Fixed AddChatRoom and ShowChatRoom errors
  • Fixed right-click copy to clipboard not working in messages
  • Fixed disable reply & forward not working
  • Fixed slow remote cursor movement on NT/2000 desktops
  • Fixed e/pop directory not showing the correct users and groups immediately when changing a users profile
  • Fixed installer reporting EPopIdle.dll in use when attempting to update

3.0 Release Build 132 October 10, 2001

  • Added logon prompt automatically reappears when invalid password is provided
  • Added greyed out of features & confirmations when set from e/pop control panel
  • Added /LOCATION= switch to specify MyLocation entry used for connect
  • Added desktop shortcut links feature for message macros
  • Added focus box for window dragging and sizing in remote control
  • Added attached sounds or alerts within messages or message macros
  • Added default confirmation of remote control, reboot, run and tasks
  • Changed remote control notification to send to back when mouse moves over the notification
  • Fixed possible cInStatus Delete Search error
  • Fixed EPopRem Deinitialize error on remote control close
  • Fixed scroll button not refreshing screen properly while remote controlling
  • Fixed wrong tcp/ip route selected for remote control and appshare
  • Fixed remote control cursor style not changing properly when leaving a window
  • Refresh compiler build

3.0 Release Build 130 September 23, 2001

  • Added vertical scrollbar in message compose window
  • Added undo button on toolbar for messages
  • Added Paste Special for messages to paste plain text
  • Added warning message logging
  • Added /TCP_TIMEOUT=5 command line switch
  • Added /TCP_PACKET=8192 command line switch
  • Added /TCP_BUFFER=16384 command line switch
  • Added /TCP_BLOCKING command line switch to use socket blocking for slow speed wireless
  • Added /TCP_KEEPALIVE=60 command line switch
  • Added SO_KEEPALIVE for remote control sessions through firewalls that drop idle connections
  • Fixed possible TFDisplayMsg.TAttachDblClick error
  • Fixed /UNLOAD command line switch not working when splash not displayed
  • Fixed text wrapping when composing a message and inserting rightmost character
  • Fixed copy menu option not working when displaying a message
  • Fixed TFMessage.CAPIToMessage error when using command line messages with incorrect path
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling while typing chat messages in chat text
  • Fixed disconnects occurring from gateways or firewalls that drop idle connections 
  • Refresh compiler build

3.0 Release Build 128 August 23, 2001

  • Fixed message sound not working in Do Not Disturb mode
  • Fixed copy/paste not always working in messages
  • Fixed /unload switch not always working
  • Fixed status time not appearing correctly for directory users
  • Fixed possible logon name appearing incorrect on NT/2000
  • Fixed possible exception cInStatus MoveIdentity and CreateObject errors
  • Fixed rare date related exception with some via based motherboards

3.0 Release Build 125 August 16, 2001

  • Fixed remote control problem on Windows 2000
  • Fixed active count not showing for Inbox and Chat Rooms

3.0 Release Build 124 August 13, 2001

  • Added public or private to chat room titles
  • Improved remote control performance on NT/2000
  • Fixed MyFiles path failing with extra backslash
  • Fixed cannot focus disabled window error in ShowDirectory
  • Fixed HotKeyDown errors and disappearing HotKey edit box in options

3.0 Release Build 122 August 5, 2001

  • Added hand icon over URLs in messages
  • Added quick search feature for picking recipients for messages
  • Updated splash screens

3.0 Release Build 121 August 1, 2001

  • Fixed AppShare not working with e/pop Remote
  • Fixed cInitCP error when disabling Conference and Admin features

3.0 Release Build 120 July 29, 2001

  • Added /ALREADY command switch to allow multiple e/pop copies
  • Fixed 30 day expiration problem on some machines
  • Fixed rare TFMain.FormClose error on some machines
  • Fixed rare RefreshPStatus error on some machines
  • Refresh core components

3.0 Release Build 119 July 14, 2001

  • Added new license types for remote control, e/pop basic
  • Added active license counting for peer to peer edition
  • Added feature to hide offline directory users
  • Fixed cAddAttach error on NT4 when accessing open folder dialogs

3.0 Release Build 117 July 1, 2001

  • Added hotkey for To: dialog on message compose
  • Added option to remove the ability to modify locations
  • Improved remote control performance, lowered control processor utilization
  • Fixed clipboard copy on message display
  • Fixed chat beep when typing on Windows NT/2000
  • Fixed enter key not being recognized on some systems
  • Fixed missing DLLs for help files on some systems
  • Fixed Windows explorer crash when remote controlling on some systems
  • Refresh core components

3.0 Release Build 116 June 19, 2001

  • Added icon flash to auto reply feature when activated
  • Added sorting when selecting To: when composing a message
  • Fixed popup menu copy feature not working when message received

3.0 Release Build 115 June 13, 2001

  • Fixed not remembering the default feature in options
  • Improved remote control performance on NT/2000

3.0 Release Build 114 June 10, 2001

  • Improved performance of remote control under NT/2000
  • Added new help files to the e/pop client and the e/pop console programs
  • Added global system wide hotkey to show e/pop application
  • Added default focusing of selected message item in sent and deleted items
  • Added url recognition in chat sessions
  • Fixed epoprem error scan line out of range cdispatchimage
  • Fixed epoprem sIsActiveDesktop class not registered error
  • Fixed instant button bar not showing when editing message macros

3.0 Release Build 113 June 4, 2001

  • Fixed epoprem missing keystrokes while workstation is locked on winlogon desktop
  • Fixed epoprem not removing/restoring desktop pattern on NT4
  • Fixed epoprem windows 2000 windowed command prompts not refreshing
  • Fixed epoprem windows 2000 menus not refreshing during control
  • Fixed windows 2000 delay for domain detection on startup
  • Fixed setup installer opening system32 on windows startup
  • Fixed cascade on message windows overlapping
  • Updated database engine layer for improved history performance

3.0 Release Build 111 May 29, 2001

  • Added/changed text copy and paste buttons in remote control
  • Added retain the sender's font style when replying
  • Fixed error when deleting personal shortcut group
  • Fixed for rare windows message flood problem for remote control
  • Fixed wallpaper and pattern not being removed/restored with active desktop for remote control
  • Fixed cUserStatusUpdate, cInStatus Search Group and cUserStatusUpdateNode errors
  • Fixed ShowMessageItem and cDisplayPrevNext errors when prompting message and message is deleted

3.0 Release Build 108 May 16, 2001

  • Fixed AddUserIdentity and DeleteUserIdentity errors on some machines
  • Fixed Initialize and InitDisplayMain errors that occur on some machines

3.0 Release Build 106 May 11, 2001

  • Added spell checking and thesaurus
  • Added control panel option to remove offline users from the directory
  • Added control panel option to exclude groups from selection in the directory
  • Added control panel support for trusted domains
  • Added control panel option to change top level domain group
  • Added control panel option to include domain name in group
  • Added control panel option to maintain user identification in file instead of registry
  • Fixed completed conversion from RICHED*.DLL of Windows
  • Fixed Enter key not working on some NT/2000 machines during chat
  • Fixed user's custom dictionary follows their personal directory
  • Fixed global code not working from client to server

3.0 Release Build 104 May 9, 2001

  • Added support for Unicode based languages for messages
  • Added broader support for RichEdit compatibility
  • Fixed certain messages stopping the compose dialog
  • Fixed FMessage already exists error message
  • Fixed MoveUserIdentity and AddUserIdentity error messages
  • Fixed incorrect sorting in Inbox and Deleted messages folder

3.0 Release Build 101 May 5, 2001

  • Fixed possible zero day expiration problem on NT/2000
  • Fixed startup error in InitAssociation on some machines
  • Fixed double click on tray icon does not work
  • Fixed various issues with chat including enter does not clear type-ahead
  • Fixed cInStatus error
  • Added yield icon to tray when client is disconnected from server

3.0 Release Build 100 May 3, 2001

  • Pre-release gold


Optional Upgrade
Update may include minor cosmetic improvements, the addition of special features, minor bug fixes, and fixes/updates related to customer-specific environments (e.g., brand-specific routers, gateways, NATs, and firewalls).

Recommended Upgrade
This update may also include performance improvements, major bug fixes and/or fixes/updates related to general network environments. This release may also require specific client/server configuration levels.

Required Upgrade


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