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Audit & Reporting Server

The e/pop Audit and Reporting Server is an add-on software product to WiredRedís e/pop 3.0 messaging system. It provides searching, archiving, exporting and easy access to all e/pop messages, text chat, presence information and more.

e/pop Audit and Reporting

The e/pop Audit and Reporting Server offers financial services-related companies a method to achieve compliance with new U.S. regulations regarding electronic correspondence. Currently, the e/pop Audit and Reporting Server is the only product available that meets key requirements for supervisory access.


Searching, Printing Archiving, Logging
Report Design Exporting
Regulatory Compliance Content Filtering
Policy Driven Management    


Key Benefits

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Real-Time ROI Measurement
  • Safeguard Proper Usage
  • Lawsuit Protection

The e/pop Audit and Reporting Server adds additional administration capabilities to WiredRedís e/pop messaging system by enabling authorized users to capture and generate reports on all activity, including remote administration logs, user status, date, time and content of messages and chat sessions. Using a roles and permissions-based approach, the Audit & Reporting Server enables companies to designate specific individuals with access to multiple levels of data based on the companiesí own unique supervisory hierarchy.

Pre-canned reports

See exactly what you need, when you need it. This sample report shows the delivery status of a quick message sent to an entire department. This type of message delivery reporting can be very helpful when sending alerts or company-wide bulletins.

Export data to MS Excel, MS Word and HTML

e/pop Audit and Reporting can export data in 13 different files formats including MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, XML, SQL, CSV and DBF files.

Using the exported information from e/pop you can apply your own processes and tools to analyze the e/pop information.

Achieve regulatory compliance for instant messaging communications

The e/pop Audit and Reporting system was designed to meet the needs of financial, securities and health care organizations that need to meet regulatory compliance for NASD, SEC and HIPAA requirements for instant messaging.

The Audit and Reporting system meets all key area requirements for use of instant messaging in the workplace. Additionally it provides the key supervisory access requirements so that each individual manager or supervisor in the workplace can report and examine the content communications of their respective employees.

Use the integrated query and reporting tools to design your own reports

The e/pop Audit and Reporting client provides a complete report designer that can access all of the data collected by the e/pop Audit and Reporting server.

Product Uses and Benefits

In addition to financial services, general corporate users may also leverage the e/pop Audit and Reporting Server to better monitor employee productivity, human resources-related issues and the overall return on investment of the companyís messaging platform.


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