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WiredRed Articles Archive

Listed below are articles about WiredRed Software, our e/pop products, product reviews and customer installations mentioned in the press prior to 2004. For current information, click the articles link at left.

December, 2003 
"When it comes to functionality, WiredRed beats Microsoft hands down. It's not even a contest. There's a raft of features that will appeal to users and IT managers... For example, there's an "alert" client and an audit/reporting server."

December 16, 2003
Joe Forman, principal and COO at BSC, says he tested a number of Web conferencing options, both hosted and premise-based, before choosing WiredRed. When evaluating a system, one of the criteria he looked at is how easy it was for a user to connect to a conference. "I don't like scheduling a meeting, going through the exercise of downloading and doing the whole [setup], then finding out [a user is] blocked by firewall or the server is slow," Forman says. "[With WiredRed,] I've never had failed connection yet, which is impressive since I do a lot of business with banks [with strict firewall policies.] As long as they have port 80 open, and most do for Internet traffic, it will work." (story)

December 15, 2003
IM Vendor WiredRed Pushing Into Web Conferencing. (story)

December 15, 2003
WiredRed's out-of-the box Web conferencing software enables dynamic presentation-sharing, which eliminates the need for pre-session PowerPoint uploads, and enables multiple presenters and participants to also share desktops and applications... In addition, conference attendees can share and transfer files in real-time. The e/pop Web Conferencing Server supports both proprietary and industry standard audio and video codecs including GSM, MPEG4, and H263. (story)

Victory For Videoconferencing
December 15, 2003
WiredRed Software Corp. this week will introduce e/pop Web Conferencing, an IP-based service that includes audio and video... (story)

November 25, 2003 
WiredRed recently announced ePop Web Conferencing, extending the company's flagship ePop instant messaging architecture. Again, a product geared to ad hoc and spontaneous web conferencing, ePop Web Conferencing includes application and document sharing, as well as desktop sharing, and includes audio and video support. The product is well-suited to companies that want a flexible and easy-to-manage solution...

November, 2003 
"With its 3,000 corporate customers, one of the big guns in the IMP space is WiredRed Software (www.wiredred-epop.com), known for its e/pop product line which focuses on business IM and emergency communications. WiredRed's e/pop, built on a general real-time communication framework, will soon be joined by an extraordinary, easily installable, software-based conferencing solution, called e/pop Web Conferencing." (story)

November 17, 2003 
At St. Rita's Medical Center:
"Once e/pop was deployed, it was used instead of e-mail to notify Admissions; text messages were sent with embedded sound alarms. It now takes just minutes to admit waiting patients. Human Resources' personnel use it to communicate within their department and to notify co-workers that applicants or hospital personnel have arrived for appointments."  At Cushing Hospital: "Ron Winn, IS technician, decided to purchase and deploy e/pop to help him manage IT operations at Cushing. "The only way to efficiently communicate with hospital staff, most of which have e/pop on their desktops, is to use instant messaging. According to Winn, the encryption offered in e/pop is one of the main reasons he chose it over similar enterprise instant messaging software solutions. "The ability to log and store e/pop instant messages, as well as the security it offers, reassures me that e/pop meets HIPAA regulations and will survive any forthcoming IT audits," he added." (story)

November 4, 2003  "St. Rita's deployed secure instant messaging software called e/pop from WiredRed Software Corp., San Diego. Now, when a patient arrives, outpatient registration personnel at the front desk send an instant message to admitting and bed control department PCs. An embedded chime signals the instant message's arrival at each computer. Such audible and visual reminders have improved the admissions experience for patients by alerting admitting staff, Martin says. "Even if they are on the phone it rings right in their face.""

October 21, 2003  "e/pop Web Conferencing Server from WiredRed supports desktop-sharing, video conferencing, and collaboration for all Windows applications. It uses the dockable tab interface familiar in Microsoft Office 11. One handy feature for presentations: It lets users show PowerPoint without preloading the slides. It supports SSL, SSL3 and Transport Layer Security encryption; the selection is up to the customer's IT administrator." (story)

October 20, 2003 
"WiredRed has announced its ePop Web Conferencing Server that will ship before year-end. The server uses the same Real Time Routing Architecture that in underneath the ePoP server for instant messaging. The best part may be that this server is aimed at the mid-market and if priced right (pricing has not been announced) could bring conferencing services to the masses. The ePop Web Conferencing Server provides multi-point audio and synchronous video conferencing plus desktop, application and document sharing." (story)

August 15, 2003 
"WiredRed Software Corp., which offers real-time enterprise messaging through desktop computers, has teamed up with Roam Secure Inc., which developed an emergency alert system for handheld devices.  This partnership gives these people the ability to communicate ...across a broader array of devices and do it seamlessly,'"

August 5, 2003 
"WiredRed released a client-server-based version of its e/pop product. Searcy calls the 3.0 release 'a godsend.'  Although PIM hasn't performed an official Return on Investment (ROI) study, Dill says the company's processes are now more streamlined. 'With e/pop, we can do two things-e/pop and the phone-simultaneously, and in my mind that means we're making good use of our time,' he says. "If each salesperson saves a half hour or 45 minutes of useless activities by using e/pop, that's a lot of time saved when you have 28 salespeople.'  ...by using the public Internet rather than phone calls as the primary means of urgent intra-company message exchange, Searcy says e/pop has saved the company thousands of dollars per year on phone calls."

July 14, 2003 
"Some companies, such as Terra Nova Trading LLC in Chicago, want their employees to have IM -- just not over the public network. So Kevin Ott, vice president of technology at the brokerage, installed an IM system called E/pop from WiredRed Software Corp. in San Diego. 'It's a completely closed system, and we can audit the transcripts and put them in a database,' Ott says." (story)

July, 2003 
"'While the No. 1 benefit of using enterprise instant messaging is the ability to serve customers better and faster, we've found the technology helps the entire company to function and work as a team. The results have been incredible.'  James Bourgeois, the system administrator for BasicPhone, was responsible for testing and choosing the right enterprise IM solution. 'After testing several products, we chose e/pop for its flexibility and ability to send messages to one person or a group of people at the same time. Also, from my perspective the central management capabilities found in e/pop make my job a lot easier.  The lock-down feature is extremely important. There is no way that the e/pop application can be exited or deleted and only the specific features I've chosen are available. More importantly, you don't have to be computer savvy at all to use e/pop. It is extremely intuitive, so our employees need little or no training to use it'." (story)

June 25, 2003 
"...employees at Holiday Builders don't instant message or IM each other, they 'e/pop.'  That's the name of WiredRed's enterprise instant-messaging service.  'I e/pop for short priority items.  I normally wouldn't type more than two or three lines,' says Byrd, the construction coordinator.  And she doesn't just chat on e/pop.  She uses it for file transfers, too. 'If I have a large file, like a blueprint, it takes up to a minute to come across on e-mail. On e/pop, it's instantaneous'." (story)

May 19, 2003 
"Scottrade, a leading online brokerage based in St. Louis, Mo., has chosen e/pop to enable rapid communications between the company's IT department and [177] branch offices located in 47 states nationwide.  According to Jeff Polsgrove, chief information officer at Scottrade...'Through our research we found that e/pop met our computer security requirements, is completely customizable and leverages our network directory. We instantly know who is online and can blast out specialized macro messages that alert all employees to potential IT issues, which they will receive whether they are logged onto the system or not.' " (story)

May 12, 2003 
"...retail broker Scottrade has taken WiredRed's IM and enterprise real-time communications software for 1,000 traders located across its offices in the continental US...Scottrade will use e/pop's Audit and Reporting Server to comply with SEC regulations requiring the archiving"

April 10, 2003 
"The Shubert Organization, St. Rita's Medical Center, Benelli Tecnomeccanica S.p.A. and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences have deployed WiredRed's e/pop for managing internal IT operations. e/pop lets the IT staff at these organizations notify groups of employees, or the entire staff about system, network and server outages, virus alerts and application upgrades and accessibility." (story)

April 8, 2003 
"According to WiredRed, the SDK will enable in-house developers and others to create custom client/server and Web-based instant messaging applications based on WiredRed's Real-Time Routing Architecture, which it describes as "a secure, two-way, real-time communications platform." The SDK was designed to allow organizations to rapidly develop secure IM applications that are capable of scaling-up in complex enterprise network environments. The SDK supports Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and its assorted languages. It includes COM and ActiveX Objects, sample applications with source code, online documentation, and development environment set-up." (story)

March, 2003 
"'Our sales staff located all over California and Arizona can instantly  tell each other of inventory and price changes...I wouldn't dare touch e/pop on our sales' PCs.  It's their bread and butter and quite frankly not only saves time, but has given us tremendous cost savings in not having to call long distance to our remote sites.  By far, e/pop is the preferred method of communication in our organization.' says Bryan Searcy, director of IT at Pacific." (story)

February 15, 2003
"It may seem something of a stretch to suggest that instant messaging can take the place of the traditional school public address system, but at Trinity Prep in Winter Park, Fla., and a few other schools, that's exactly the case. Trinity is using WiredRed's e/pop to communicate in real time with classrooms spanning eight buildings over more than 100 acres."

February, 2003
"...companies can easily add push buttons to their IM messages to survey their users or force acknowledgement of a broadcast message. With it, a department could broadcast a message to evacuate the building. The message would freeze the PC until the user clicked on a button acknowledging message receipt.  Information gathered at WiredRed's e/pop Audit Server can be printed out using one of e/pop's 14 report formats. Users can also generate their own report using e/pop's report generator and view those reports in real time. By contrast, Ikimbo only offers three reports; no report generator or real-time charting is available."

February 3, 2003
"From our point of view, the most important part of WiredRed's Enterprise Instant Messenger (EIM) is that it's integrated with the directory - eDirectory, Active Directory - any Lightweight Directory Access Protocol-compliant directory. That alone should get our attention, but there's a whole lot more..."(story)

February 1, 2003
"Jo Ellen Hays, a librarian at Kirksville (IL) High School, says the software allows her to send mass messages to the entire district or to one specific staff member.  'Teachers use it to send me reference questions and to request certain titles,' she says. The school also uses e/pop to verify student absentees." (story)

January 13, 2003  "Stewart and other BLM officials started looking for an emergency-message system immediately after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when many federal employees did not know where to evacuate or to report for work later. The IT staff looked at about 10 products and rejected those whose messages looked too much like standard desktop error messages. Some limited instant messages to 128 characters or had only canned messages without changeable wording for unusual situations.  BLM headquarters is piloting e/pop for other parts of the bureau, Stewart said. His staff has sent the evaluation of messaging products to Interior for other interested agencies. BLM conducted one drill in which e/pop notified employees to leave the building and go to designated safe zones. Stewart called the drill a "major success." "

January, 2003 
"Basic Phone's instant messaging (IM) capabilities--it now loyally subscribes to San Diego-based WiredRed Software's e/pop 3.0 system--helps the prepaid local dial tone provider's 50 customer service reps to greatly reduce customer frustration and reduce the need for call-backs by resolving issues on the first call.  Kibodeaux emphasizes that the IM capability significantly increases productivity...issues are conveniently addressed without service representatives having to put their primary responsibility on hold." (story)

December 16, 2002 

Tuning In To IM (story)

December 16, 2002 

WiredRed Offers Robust System (FULL REVIEW)

December 4, 2002 
"IM is hot in the enterprise. But consumer offerings can't always cut it on the corporate net, while powerful proprietary systems can make for deployment hassles.  Enter the e/Pop Java Client from WiredRed.  It runs on the vendor's secure enterprise instant messaging software and is designed to ease deployment of WiredRed IM across mixed desktop systems."

December 4, 2002 

WiredRed Rolls Out Java Client for IM (story)

December 2, 2002  "Chris Dodge, the IT manager at Metairie Bank and Trust, says his bank has nearly 80 employees using an internal IM, supplied by WiredRed, throughout its six branches across Louisiana. 'It's more a tool for our floor people, loan officers and back office people,' says Dodge. If a Metairie employee is with a customer, and the employee needs to quickly check the status of a loan, 'rather than walking away or picking up the phone, they just pop a question to whoever's available and might know the answer,' says Dodge. 'It allows for a smoother interaction with the customer.' " (story)

October 28, 2002 
"The Bureau of Land Management has two offices in the Washington area about half a mile apart. The e/pop software lets the bureau notify its 450 district-area employees of emergencies. The only non-emergency use will be to notify employees for "orderly dismissal because of inclement weather," says Matthew Stewart, manager of IT services at the Bureau of Land Management...The bureau chose the software because it provides audible alerts and control over font size, Stewart says. "We want people to hear the alerts. ... They need to catch people's attention," he says." (story)

September 30, 2002 
"We also chose e/pop [along with eight other new call center customers] to help accelerate our response time to all customer service-related calls," said Chad Kibodeaux, sales and marketing director at BasicPhone, Inc. "In addition, we can now instantly broadcast service-related information to our call center staff so they can provide quick answers to customers' questions without having to put them on hold, which reduces customer call time and increases customer satisfaction overall." (story)

August 19, 2002 
"Instant messaging is no longer just a teenager's chat tool. Your front-line staff can use it to rapidly resolve member service issues, and your information technology staff can use it to provide internal technical support.  After a one-week testing and evaluation period of three instant messaging systems, First Community selected e/pop 3.0 from WiredRed, San Diego, for secure, real-time instant messaging capabilities." (story)

July 29, 2002 
"ENTERPRISE IM SOFTWARE vendor WiredRed on Monday announced a development kit designed to let developers build custom client/server or Web-based IM applications. The e/pop Real-Time SDK includes the core components of the company's e/pop 3.0 IM product and supports Microsoft Visual Studio and Delphi 6 development toolsets as well as languages such as Visual Basic .Net, Visual C#, and Delphi 6, according to WiredRed officials in San Diego."

June 24, 2002 
"This midsize bank recently switched from Microsoft's Instant Messenger to WiredRed's e/pop for security reasons, says [Metairie Bank's] IT Manager Chris Dodge. "We looked at a number of other internal instant-messaging systems, but we decided to use WiredRed . . . because it seemed to have the most functionality and features and user-friendliness," Dodge says. "So far, the performance has been excellent." (story)

June 18, 2002 
"Mr. Lipsett was concerned that consumer versions of IM might be susceptible to viruses and other security flaws, and wanted the ability to send out messages to groups of employees. The company is testing e/pop IM monitoring and archiving software, made by closely held WiredRed.  By monitoring and archiving internal and external employee communications, says Mr. Lipsett, 'We can go back and instantly find out what was said at what time,' he says." (story)

June 17, 2002 
"Terra Nova Trading LLC in Chicago uses the software to broadcast financial news via IM, according to David Lipsett, vice president of the firm's online division." (story)

June 14, 2002 

Making IM More Secure (story)

June 10, 2002 
"The WiredRed e/pop Audit and Reporting server uses a roles- and permission-based approach to monitoring that lets companies designate specific individuals with the right to access data on a supervisory basis."

June 7, 2002 
"Terra Nova Trading, which deployed the e/pop IM app in April, has been testing the audit-and-reporting server so it can archive messages detailing interactions.  Kevin Ott, VP of technology, says the e/pop tools are letting it better manage IM use. 'By staying fully informed and staying out ahead, when a ruling [from the SEC] comes down, we'll be right there,' Ott says." (story)

May 28, 2002 
"First Community Credit Union of Houston put in a secure IM system from WiredRed two years ago because workers used the free ones." (story)

May 20, 2002 
WiredRed Extends IM Support (story)

May 7, 2002  "At first, I really didn't see the need for [e/pop] because we were using [Microsoft] Outlook," said Rito Garza, director of network operations at $300 million FCCU. "We look at it as a requirement now. It's something you almost have to have in this day and age to communicate.  The main reason we chose [e/pop] is that it's within our network," said Garza. "It's very secure behind our firewalls." (story)

April 1, 2002 
"Sensing pent-up business demand for secure and reliable IM, software developers are rushing to provide products to make it as cheap and useful as e-mail. Products such as ... WiredRed Software's e/pop offer such must-haves as encryption, and message archiving." (story)

CIO Insight
March 18, 2002 

Peer-to-Peer Technology (story)

February 25, 2002 
"Gone are the days when traders yelled changes across the room, and left yellow sticky notes on desktops. WiredRed's e/pop messaging software has replaced that system, Searcy says. He says instant messaging between staffers in Phoenix, and Nogales and Salinas, Calif., won out over e-mail because it's faster and more efficient. Sales staff can be on the phone with customers and get real-time pricing and availability information without having to hang up or put the customer on hold." (story)

February 18, 2002 

Corporate Instant Messaging Gets Smart (story)

February 18, 2002 
"If you're looking to replace your "de facto" real-time client with a corporate strength real-time collaboration product, give a package like WiredRed Software's e/pop a look." (story)

January 28, 2002 
"Simple to launch and easy to manage, WiredRed took Reich only 20 minutes to set up and standardize; his workers spent just a few minutes more learning to use it. Now, they instant message requests for files, patient data, forms and such - all of which would have previously been made via a long-distance call." (story)

December 17, 2001
"A number of corporate-strength IM products are getting a close look as security concerns come into focus. ... WiredRed Software are all worth looking at if you're contemplating moving IM in-house." (story)  WiredRed mentioned as a Company to Watch in 2002. (picture)

December 18, 2001 
"The company, based in San Diego, said the system, called the e/pop Alert, would allow officials to notify employees throughout its headquarters in Washington about emergencies, meetings and important information through their desktop computers. The one-way customized messages can include embedded WAV files like siren alarms that play instantly when the alert pops up on a user's screen." (story)

December 17, 2001 
"Authentication and encryption security features in e/pop Alert protect against spoofing, where someone pretends to be someone else, and eavesdropping, said Tom Toperczer, vice president of marketing at WiredRed. "In both cases, we support a variety of technology," such as the RSA public-key encryption algorithm for authentication and the Advanced Encryption Standard for encryption."

December 17, 2001 
"We designed the product specifically for the large, sprawling campus-type of facility much like DOL's Washington, DC headquarters. e/pop Alert takes advantage of the networked enterprise by creating a modern day P.A. system that enables specified users to instantly notify and inform thousands of people about work-related issues or emergencies." (story)

December 17, 2001 
"e/pop Alert takes advantage of the networked enterprise by creating a modern day P.A. system that enables specified users to instantly notify and inform thousands of people about work-related issues or emergencies in the most efficient and effective way possible." (story)

December 13, 2001 
"Aberdeen Group analyst Dana Gardner says there's more demand for secure instant-messaging products like e/pop in which corporate customers and others can authenticate messages."

December 11, 2001 
"WiredRed's system will broadcast emergency information over an internal network using RSA for authentication with both the sender and receiver, digital certificates and signing, as well as RC4, Digital Encryption Standard (DES), triple-DES and Advanced Encryption Standard for encryption."

December 3, 2001 

IM Genie Out of the Bottle (story)

November 9, 2001 
"WiredRed's e/pop, cutting-edge messaging technology."

October 19, 2001 
"e/pop Alert, allows companies to broadcast customized emergency notifications in real time to as many as hundreds of thousands of client PCs."

October 19, 2001 
"Enterprise instant messaging (IM) and real-time communications software developer WiredRed Software Corp. will next Monday introduce a one-way broadcast notification that lets companies, government agencies and schools to have instantaneous communications with their organizations." (story)

October 1, 2001 
"We're in a network within the office, we use a few programs that allow us to communicate with each other and share information ... e/pop."

October 1, 2001 
San Diego Software Industry Council Profile Company (story)

September 14, 2001 
"WiredRed Software of San Diego presented its new e/pop Linux Server, which promises to extend instant messaging and real-time communication capabilities to enterprises using the Linux environment."

September 10, 2001 
"WiredRed Software Corp.'s e/pop Linux Server, which has been named a Finalist in the Network Applications category of the Best of Show Awards. The e/pop Linux Server provides enterprise customers with a secure and scaleable instant messaging and real-time communications platform for the Linux OS." (story)

September 7, 2001 
"International Data Corporation, a research firm, predicts the number of global corporate IM users will increase more than tenfold over the next three years, from 18.4 million this year to 229.2 million in 2005. And the amount companies pay for IM is expected to grow from $133 million this year to $1.1 billion by 2005.  WiredRed has the best distinction of all: it says it is profitable."

September 1, 2001 (printed edition only)
"The Radicati Group, a consulting and market research firm, predicts that the number of active IM accounts used for businesses will jump from 28 million in 2000 to 687 million in 2004 ... The U.S. Army has 3100 people using WiredRed's e/pop."

August 28, 2001 
"One of e/pop's key capabilities is that the enterprise directory is used as part of the IM system's presence management system, meaning that the directory can be used as a live presence system. Currently, e/pop supports only Novell Directory Services, but Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol support are planned for a future release." (story)

August 17, 2001 
"WiredRed e/pop, offer security features, such as access control management, to keep critical corporate data protected from unwanted viewers"

July 27, 2001  "WiredRed Software, the e/pop remote control system also provides field personnel with access to virtual training, and network and desktop applications" (story)

July 13, 2001  "WiredRed's product has found a home at the Palo Alto, Calif.-based Cooley Godward law firm. With 1,600 employees in seven offices nationwide, the firm uses WiredRed's e/pop IM suite for messaging, remote training, and collaborative workflow. WiredRed has a remote-control feature where we can run an application across it and people can view it or use it," said Richard Ho, Cooley Godward's IS manager. "We can use it with Power Point and other apps."

June 12, 2001 
"WiredRed instant messaging ... It's better than picking up the phone at the cost of a buck or two each time ... now that's cost containment."

June 11, 2001
  "The newest e/pop adds text conferencing, presence management, application sharing, strong encryption and voice-over-IP capabilities." (story)

June 11, 2001  "WiredRed's e/pop 3.0 provides central management from a server and leverages the user profiles in Novell Directory Server, Windows NT domains, and Windows Active Directory, to set up the groups of IM users, as well as provide a "presence" mechanism" (story)

June 7, 2001 
"Our firm is using WiredRed's real-time communications software to facilitate meetings and employee training across disparate offices, which reduces the need for travel and maximizes productivity."

June 6, 2001 
"E/pop is a comprehensive suite of real-time communications applications that offers centralized administration, enterprise-level security, application sharing and directory integration..." (story)

June 6, 2001 
"Corporate IT wants control over IM use in the workplace, either through centrally deployed software or an outsourced service that links to the corporate directory of users..."

June 5, 2001 
"After evaluating several instant messaging products, it became clear that WiredRed's e/pop 3.0 is the ideal choice for our real-time communications needs. It provides us with a means to communicate instantly between geographically disparate offices and efficiently administrate demanding disability cases..." (story)

May 26, 2000 
"Wired Red e/pop 2.0, can even be controlled remotely over NetWare and Windows networks. This capability allows network administrators to combine IM with other applications, such as remote control software, in order to install software updates, troubleshoot client systems, and perform other tasks remotely."

Nov 15, 1999 
"I ran WiredRed's ePop messaging and remote-control software on both PCs and used its remote-control feature ... once the session was active I experienced minimal lag time compared with pcAnywhere's performance." (story)

July 26, 1999 
"E/pop is a network admin's dream. It's so easy to deploy to hundreds of users, you'll find it hard to believe that it wasn't there all along..." (story)

June 24, 1999 
"gives you more is WiredRed's E/pop 2.0, a real-time communication and collaboration tool for company intranets and LANs, with extras that put it far above chat applications..." (story)

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